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Are you making this mistake?

Fine spirits and ice cubes: They just don’t mix

Ice might be great for cooling drinks, but it ruins fine beverages, turning your ever-so-pleasant drinking experience into one big disappointment. Here’s what to use instead…

Bring your fine beverage to a cooler temperature without shocking it or ruining the flavor

Our whiskey rocks are meant to chill your liquor so you may enjoy subtle flavors. These ice-these sipping stones are not intended to make your drink icy cold, nor a replacement for ice.

Whiskey Wroxs bring your adult beverage to a cool temperature comparable to that of a cellar. Working perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Great value and perfect gift! How? Dilution, my friend... dilution of the premium liquor you poured yourself to enjoy. Would you buy a bottle of expensive single-malt bourbon if it was half-filled with water?

Whiskey rocks

But... What does ice do?

It melts into water. That's exactly what happens when you mix ice with your liquor. True connoisseurs typically take their drinks neat but with only a slight chill, whether for flavor or simply temperature. But cold? Usually not. Amateurs perhaps. Whiskey Wroxs are made of soapstone. Unlike ice, soapstone is non-porous, making them odorless and tasteless.

These smart Wroxs are a must-have for aficionados of high-end liquor, as well as other premium beverages. Your Wroxs are a smart, long-term solution to the dilution dilemma. Whiskey Wroxs are simple and practical. They won't scratch your glass.

Use them, wash them, freeze them, over and over again, for a lifetime of use.

On the Wrox package
Best packaging on the market: Airtight seal Ziploc protect from freezer smell.

I've recently started drinking higher-end bourbons and the difference these stones make is amazing. They get the whiskey to the perfect temperature without diluting or adding a funny taste to the bourbons I love to savor.

Kevin M.

WOW! They worked as stated, putting a slight chill taking the edge off my scotch. Pleasant drink at the end of a busy and exhaustive work week. Very happy with them!


I did not know it was possible until now. In fact, I have never really given it too much mental time... I just went along with the way that it has always been done: using ice cubes, like the majority across the globe do, I am sure. Not any more though.


Even the kids want to try them because they are excited to have a stone as an ice cube. I am also happy that they seem to cool rapidly for reuse once placed into the freezer.


I did a ton of research on whiskey and whiskey accessories. My boyfriend is a lover of all things whiskey. That is when I came across these whiskey stones On The Wrox. OMG, he loved them! The package looks slick and not to mention they are legit soapstone.


The Soggy-turned-Triumphant Birth Story of On the Wronx

How did a Desert Power-Flower up selling rocks on the internet? Well…

It all started with “No, no, no”

First, a quick hello: I’m Amy, an entrepreneur, patriot and whiskey lover (not always necessarily in that order) from the Great Southwest. Glad to meet you.

Now, let’s get back to the story…

The first “no” happened when I finally said “enough!” to watered-down premium spirits.

No longer could I tolerate my poor, precious whiskey succumbing to floodwaters every time we hung out. There had to be a solution to dilution. I found a huge clue in The New York Times.

After reading a NYT article about whiskey stones, I contacted the featured business owner, who kindly provided the name of his manufacturer. I eagerly called and requested a few hundred stones to get started.

I’ll bet you can guess what his answer was


He then rambled on about all the reasons that I shouldn’t get into the business, and how it’s swimming with liars, thieves and other sordid sorts that a lady wouldn’t want to tangle with.

With all due respect, this “lady” was so fed-up with ruining her treasured glasses of GlenDronach 18-year-old Allardice single-malt (oh, that cocoa, cinnamon and citrus!), that she slammed down the phone and declared to her office walls, “It’s on like Donkey Kong!”

Or, in other words: No!

I put on my research helmet and dove into the trenches

Boy, am I glad that guy told me no, because I found a better way, one that not only prevents my clients from wondering what kind of non-legit materials are hidden in “made in China” stones, but also helps support our beautiful country.

As a result, all On the Wrox products —including packaging— are sourced from a kick-ass, upstanding supplier out of the United States.

Moral: Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. Move forward and conquer.

Enjoy your Wrox-chilled drinks happily, knowing they’re cooled with the finest, nontoxic, American-made stones—approved by yours truly and highly discerning liquor aficionados around the globe.

Cheers… and thank you.

Amy Marianacci
Founder, On the Wrox

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